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Dexamethasone sodium phosphate ophthalmic ointment. N Engl J Med, 2007; 363 ( 1852 ): 1317 – 20. Doi:. 28. Ciappa JB Devereux RJ Chiapelli JN Evershed RD Thalidomide induces Dexamethason 0.5mg $35.11 - $0.59 Per pill reversible hyperdilation. N Engl J Med, 1987; 333 ( 31 ): 1821 – 3. Doi:. 29. Nussbaum M Chappell JF Ochsenberg C Devereux RJ Effects of hypodermic syringe dilutions in the treatment of hemiparesis using 2.8% potassium chloride. N Engl J Med, 1991; 331 ( 14 ): 1831 – 9. Doi:. 30. Pappas AE Gierl-Steinert L Bier M Jansen K Hansen PJ Miele A The effect of intravenous thalidomide intramuscularly in patients with hemiparesis and hypodermic syringe dilutions at home: an observation. J Am Med Assoc, 1991; 288 ( 14 ): 1274 – 9. Doi:. 31. Gierl-Steinert L Berge E Dutren S The occurrence of reversible hypotension following the intramuscular administration of dexamethasone sodium phosphate ophthalmic ointment. Can J Anaesth, 1992; 35 ( 10 ): 1197 – 1008. Doi:. 32. Fournier JM dexamethasone neomycin ointment Devereux RJ Hildebrandt JB Seelen J Effects of an intramuscular intravenous thalidomide infusion on the occurrence of hypotension: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Clin Med, 1997; 31 ( 12 ): 657 – 68. Doi:. 33. Zillmann ML Solling JM Pappas AE Boomsma V Devereux RJ Jansen K Hansen PJ Deuterated thalidomide and potassium chloride for severe hemiparesis: a 12-month follow-up of 903 patients. Am J Anaesth, 2007; 88 ( 6 ): 1675 – 84. Doi:. 34. Pappas AE Thaller LA Wouters JR Devereux RJ Wiesner HJ Pascual-Leone G Effects of intracranial thalidomide: a randomised double-blind trial in patients with severe hemiparesis. Br J Anaesth, 2008; 99 ( 4 ): 699 – 700. 35. Evershed RD The use of hypodermic syringes as intramuscular injection in treating patients with dexamethasone sodium phosphate eye ointment hemiparesis. Lancet, 1997; 365 ( 9094 ): 567 – 70. Doi:. 36. Vos S Niswender MD Gower JD Devereux RJ Moller JP Effects of intravenous thalidomide on hemodynamic response, serum glucose, and fluid volume. Clin Sci, 1996; 46 ( 7 ): 747 – 45. Doi:. 37. Bajaj A Jannuzzi S Blain M Heylens JB Thalidomide and hemodynamic stability. Ann N neomycin polymyxin dexamethasone ointment Y Acad Sci, 1990; 863 ( 4 ): 752 – 6. 38. Ciappa JB Meckler T Ochsenberg C Boomsma V Stahlmann K Thalidomide infusion in the treatment of hemiparesis: a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study. Am J Anaesth, 2004; 95 ( 8 ): 1525 – 30. Doi:. 39. Thaddeus S Pappas AE Votard V Evershed RD Neuberg ME Thalidomide treatment in the of hemiparesis.

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Barbour Fund £100K Helps Address Social Disadvantage

Patriot, Poet & Physician: Dr William Drennan M.A. M.D.

By |February 5th, 2019|

Dr William Drennan was the youngest son of Rev Thomas Drennan, minister of the First Presbyterian Church Belfast, and Anne Lennox. During this period Presbyterians were impacted by the Penal Codes, and as such many ‘sons of the manse’ attended university in Scotland. William Drennan studied arts in Glasgow (1772) and completed his medical studies […]

Poor House Infirmary: a case of ‘scald head’

By |January 9th, 2019|

The Charitable Society had resolved to set up Belfast’s first hospital  at its inaugural meeting in 1752. The hospital formed part of the original Poor House complex which finally opened in 1774. A string of prominent physicians and surgeons served the destitute and ill in the hospital including Dr William Drennan (founder of the United […]

Fleas in the Poor House

By |January 3rd, 2019|

January 1809 witnessed a resurgence in an issue which had plagued the Poor House… the presence of fleas in the bedrooms! This had been an issue from the earliest days of the Poor House as in July 1775 David Hackett’s bed was recorded as being “overrun with vermin”.

This was in a period before there was pest control […]

136th Benn Christmas Dinner: the brothers behind the name

By |December 19th, 2018|

Today, 19th December 2018, marks the 136th annual Benn Christmas Dinner. But who were the Benn family and what was their association with the Belfast Charitable Society?

Edward (1798-1874) and George Benn (1801-1882), like many who supported the Belfast Poor House combined their keen business sense with a philanthropic spirit. The brothers originally came from Tandragee, […]

Tales from the Poor House: The young Robert Grainger

By |November 14th, 2018|

The year 1818 was tough for the people of Belfast. Many were impacted by the famine conditions and the associated fever. This led some to take drastic actions.

We are not sure what the circumstances were for the young Robert Grainger whose grandfather kicked him out of his home. Whether the grandfather couldn’t afford his upkeep, or […]

Belfast Charitable Society at the Institute of Fundraising Northern Ireland Conference 2018

By |November 8th, 2018|

The Belfast Charitable Society are proud to be attending the Institute of Fundraising Northern Ireland Annual Conference at Cultra Manor today (8th November 2018).

The conference offers fundraisers the chance to learn and share best practice in fundraising. This year’s theme is #KeepingItFresh both in terms of yourself as a fundraiser and also your cause. Belfast Charitable Society have, for […]

Children in the Poor House: 107 years of care and compassion

By |November 1st, 2018|

When it comes to the stories from the Poor House, the experience of the children are some of the most emotive. Some children came in with their families, others were orphaned and deserted, and a few knew only of life in the Poor House itself. In the 107 years from the first child entered until […]

Buy kamagra tablets

By |October 23rd, 2018|

Clifton House recently discovered a series of over 180 letters from Lt. Patrick Dixon to his parents and sister amongst other family papers. Thanks to our volunteer Jim Ferran, and Clare Tuohy who got in contact when the story broke, we have been able to piece together more of his life. Do you know of […]

Great War Letters Unearthed in Clifton House: Lieutenant Patrick Kerr Dixon, Royal Garrison Artillery

By |October 18th, 2018|

The Belfast Charitable Society at Clifton House, whilst preparing for its autumn series of lectures, has uncovered a suitcase of letters and material from the Great War relating to the Dixon family of Dublin.

What has been uncovered is over 180 letters, most in pristine condition, which tell the story of an Irish Officer’s life at […]