The Belfast Charitable Society were always to the fore in providing practical skills to enable to people within the Poor House to develop skills which would allow them to be financially independent.  These apprenticeship schemes were an opportunity for people to learn trades and skills which would improve their quality of life.  The Belfast Charitable Society took all the positive aspect of these apprenticeships and ensure the apprentices received high quality training and were well cared for during their time which ranged from 5 – 7 years.

With this legacy in mind we have been working in the last few months to develop and deliver a pilot training programme at Clifton House which would cover the main elements of the work carried out here, but would also give the trainees transferable skills which they could use in other locations.  The Barbour fund enabled us to bring staff and volunteers together for a comprehensive programme which covered the heritage, hospitality and tour guiding functions within Clifton House.  It was a hugely enjoyable course where the participants were given in-dept knowledge about Clifton House was well as the essential customer service and tour guiding skills.  The trainees will continue to develop their knowledge over the next few months and will ready to give wonderful tours of Clifton House during the summer months.

L-R Erynn Phillips, Gerard Hogg, Jim Ferran, Gretta Thompson, Aaron McIntyre (Missing from the picture Lynne Murray)