Three new volunteers have completed their Heritage, Hospitality and Tour Guide training this week at Clifton House.   Jessica Barreda, Emma Corry and Michael Fryer attended five weeks of training to get them ready for leading tours of Belfast’s original Poor House.

Clifton House is an events and heritage venue which is a social enterprise, ensuring that any profits which are generated go back to the Belfast Charitable Society.  This enables the Society to continue their philanthropic and charitable work.  Our tours of Clifton House are a key element of informing visitors of the wonderful and rich history of the Society, but also contributing to the Society’s important work today.  Our volunteers are vital in delivering these tours.  The training and support offered to the volunteers ensures they know the history of the building and the Society, but also given them transferable skills and knowledge in all areas of tour guiding and hospitality.

This training course has been supported by the Barbour fund.  This Fund has been developed in recognition of the shared history of the Hilden District Nursing Society and Belfast Charitable Society. Both have a long and successful history of caring for the older people, working to improve the lives of those who are less well-off, in some instances providing or facilitating education and training for that purpose. The Society manages this fund and has an agreed six-year programme of awards including this hospitality, heritage and tour guide course.

We would like to welcome Jessica, Emma and Michael to the team.