The Great Famine of 1845 – 1851 had horrific consequences for Ireland and much has been written about the plight of victims. Looking through the archives of the Belfast Charitable Society, in many instances earlier famines of the 1810’s and 1820’s had a greater effect on the running of the Poor House as there were few other institutions available to assist with the relief of those suffering from famine or fever. However, one piece in our Minute Books got our attention from 1847. The Belfast Charitable Society had to reopen the Poor Ground in the cemetery during the Great Famine. On this day it was reported in the Newsletter ‘no fewer than 20 coffins’ representing the dead in the last 24 hours from the various hospital in town where lying in the graveyard waiting for internment with ‘two additional cartloads’ arriving before the common grave could be readied for their reception. The Newsletter finished ‘’A sight so melancholy was never before witnessed in Belfast.”