The Society, through its Barbour Fund hosted a wide ranging group of older men from East Belfast on a tour of Clifton House and Graveyard on Monday.  The men’s group was facilitated by Engage with Age.

Belfast Charitable Society delivers the Barbour Fund which has aims to, increase confidence and self-esteem of older people, improve the lives for older people through planned and valuable opportunities for social interaction and reduced social isolation.   Therefore, it seemed fitting that Clifton House host an event which would seek to fulfil the needs of these men.  The Barbour Fund is financed through a partnership of the Belfast Charitable Society and the Hilden Trust, Lisburn.

If was a great morning of chat and interest in the historical work of the Belfast Charitable Society and it’s home Clifton House.  The men enjoyed hearing about the vast array of work of the Charitable Society including bringing piped water to Belfast as well as the grim tales of the bodysnatchers.