Barbour Funds Trips To Training

Clifton Care Home played host to a celebration to mark the achievements of a very diverse range of people today. Linked by the fact their good works had all been funded through the Barbour Fund they were a very mixed bag of folk who hailed from either North Belfast or Lisburn.

The Barbour Fund had made it possible for them to complete a range of tasks and achievements. Some unemployed people and volunteers received their certificates to mark their successful completion of care management, hospitality, tourism to security training. Thanks to the Barbour Fund: 8 people have now World Host and Clifton House training; 9 new recruits are to gain licences to work in the Security Industry and one in 5 Care Management.

Students from the Belfast Hospital School were also in attendance and thanked the Fund as it had enabled the school to add vocational courses and additional IT support to all that it does for its young people.

“I want to be a chef and it is great that I am able to use my skills in hospitality.  I am so pleased I will be getting a certificate in it.” – Danny (pupil in TOPS)

“Thank you very much Barbour Trust – you improve our lives and the lives of the pupils on a daily basis “ Michele (Principal)

A group of residents from the Home also gathered as they had received a small amount of funding which they had used to cover costs of regular activities and events including trips out to other north Belfast haunts, and music and bingo nights in the home.

‘Our activity programme has been greatly boosted with this funding. Our residents have really enjoyed everything – bingo, arts and crafts, dancing and just even the opportunity to come together more often. ‘Geraldine Scullion, Activity Co-ordinator  

The event was to celebrate the first of a six year programme of the Barbour Fund. The fund was developed through a partnership between the Hilden District Nursing Society and the Belfast Charitable Society. Both older Societies have worked for centuries in their local areas tackling disadvantage, creating employment and helping those in need.