Following on from the wonderful response we had in relation to our portraits and the quest to reunite them, we are delighted to confirm another one is returning home.  Carson McMullan contacted us at Clifton House when the first appeal went out to say he was almost certain one of the portraits was his grandmother, Mrs Sarah Bingham, who was a nurse at Clifton House for many years.  When Carson showed a copy of the picture to his mother, she too, was certain this was indeed her mother.

Sarah Bingham was originally from Roscommon and worked at Clifton House in excess of 20 years.  She passed away whilst getting ready for work one morning.  Sarah was over 70 when she passed away, but was as dedicated as ever to the residents of Clifton House.

Her daughter, Betty McMullan, now resident in a care home in Hillsborough was delighted to be presented with the portrait by her son, Carson and daughter, Roslyn.

We will continue to keep you updated as we reunite the portraits with the families.