The Honorary Secretary and  CEO of the Belfast Charitable Society,  Una Macauley and Paula Reynolds were delighted to attend a major donors event held at Northern Ireland Hospice this morning.  The event brought together many of the organisations and individuals who had contributed to the building, running and research work of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

Belfast Charitable Society has donated £250,000 to support the work of NI Hospice. This included an initial capital grant of £100,000 towards the building of the new state-of-the-art adult hospice and a further £150,000 revenue grant for three years to March 2018. In Year 1, the Hospice used the money to invest in research into best practice in palliative care, training for multi-disciplinary staff and to evaluate current models of service delivery –all of which informed a wider transformational change programme which the Society has invested in for the latter two years.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to see the positive impact the Belfast Charitable Society and other donors have had in this essential service for the community.