Belfast Charitable Society continues to benefit the people of Belfast by supporting various charities and philanthropic causes. The Society regularly considers how best it can utilise its limited resources and currently has committed its funds in three broad ways.

1. Our Giving: Grants And Loans

Northern Ireland Hospice – Capital and revenue funding

Belfast Charitable Society has donated £250,000 to support the work of NI Hospice. This included an initial capital grant of £100,000 towards the building of the new state-of-the-art adult hospice and a further £150,000 revenue grant for three years to September 2018. In Year 1, the Hospice used the money to invest in research into best practice in palliative care, training for multi-disciplinary staff and to evaluate current models of service delivery –all of which informed a wider transformational change programme which the Society has invested in for the latter two years.

Better Futures Fund

The Society, with UCIT and Building Change Trust, has created a new innovative £1M loan fund. This Fund will provide a much-needed source of small unsecured loans available to voluntary, community and social enterprise groups across Northern Ireland. These loans will allow recipients to improve the viability, sustainability and resilience.

The Better Futures Fund is managed by UCIT (the Ulster Community Investment Trust). For updates see our Twitter or the News section on the website.

2. Partnership Giving

Barbour Fund (Closed)

This Fund as developed in recognition of the shared history of the Hilden District Nursing Society and Belfast Charitable Society. Both have a long and successful history of caring for the older people, working to improve the lives of those who are less well-off, in some instances providing or facilitating education and training for that purpose. The Society manages this fund and has an agreed six-year programme of awards including support for activities for older people, disadvantaged young people and skilled development

3. Encouraging Philanthropy

Facilitating Discussions

Belfast Charitable Society is supporting the work of the Institute of Fundraising and the NI Trust Group to allow them space to discuss and promote philanthropy.

Our support helps bring together key stakeholders to inform fundraisers and those working in funding about current issues. It facilitates a series of training and best practice sharing sessions.