On this day in 1944, staff and members of the Belfast Charitable Society were treated to a first in the long history of the Society – a marriage of residents! John Bloomer, aged 82, had requested to marry another resident, Miss Frances Ashe, aged 64 in July 1944. It was the first time such a request had ever been made to the Society.

All of the residents were living in Garron Tower at the time during World War II and therefore the ceremony was held in Largy Parish Church, Carnlough celebrated by Rev. J.L. Spence. Ms Ashe had the support of her sister as bridesmaid. Captain J.K. Gray, secretary of the Belfast Charitable Society gave the bride away. A large reception was held in Garron Tower, organised by the Society and the matron at the time, Miss E.H. Howie. The couple honeymooned in Larne and returned to Garron Tower afterwards.