Today saw the launch of a partnership of old and new which will work to encourage, promote and inspire philanthropy. We, Belfast Charitable Society and Giving NI have come together bringing years of experience and skills and creating opportunities through a three year programme of events to grow philanthropy in its many forms. Our partnership recognises that philanthropy is not all about large scale gestures of financial giving and that it delves much deeper than that and can be about smaller scale giving and activity. The Society has since 1752 been reliant on the generosity of others from the first lotteries which operated to fundraising enough money to build the Poor House and the first hospital in Belfast, In turn the Society gave of its time and money to support others to improve their lives whether through direct support in the Poor House for through its Outdoor Relief programme which provided hundreds throughout the years with basic essentials such as clothes, or tools to help them improve their employment prospects right through to aiding people financially to emigrate to what they believed to be a better life for themselves. The Society still to this day takes its philanthropic work very seriously and has grant aided both capital and revenue costs of the NI Hospice, supports a series of bursaries and now through this partnership wants to encourage others to play a part.