As 1834 came to a close the final Poor House board meeting of the year was held on New Years Eve. At this meeting, the Board Members resolved to give a grave in the Pauper’s Ground to Dr Drummond, one of the visiting Physicians to the Poor House.

However, this was no ordinary grave. With the introduction of the 1832 Anatomy Act, unclaimed bodies could be used for dissection in anatomical schools. This grave in the paupers ground was granted to him for the sole purpose of burying the dissected remains of those cadavers from RBAI (Inst).

It was not until ten months later, on 8 October 1835, that the “Board of the Faculty of the Medical Department” of The Royal Belfast Academical Institution held its inaugural meeting. This meeting formally created the first medical school on the island of Ireland outside of Dublin, although less formal lectures on medicine and dissection had been held previously. J.L. Drummond MD (anatomy and physiology, and botany) became the first president/ dean of the facility.